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shogun akitas
Fricarries Shogun Heero Yuy
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Below are some of my favourite pictures of Heero.
I will update this page as and when I get good pics of him.

heero at 8 weeks
oh ain't i an angel

mummy said i wasn't to look in her bag
so i'll chew it instead

Heero is out of Dojosan Jasmine Nightdream(fricarrie kennels) x Ir Ch Louiston Don't Stop The Dance At Geilsaven.
Heero has done really well in his showing career and had many placing.
Although Heero gets on well with other members of the gang he doesn't like showing, which is a pity.I have been informed that he takes after his mother because she hates it as well.

it wasn't me who chewed the door

my that teddys bigger than me

heero raking the bins

heero at local open show
heero is 6 months here