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shogun akitas
Pictures of the gang!!!!
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Below are some of my favourite pictures of the rest of the gang.
As you will see they are of my St Bernard who is called Cody
My long coat akita, his name is Nico although his breeder did call him Spud.

Below is a picture of Cody and Saracen,who passed away after suffering cardiomyopathy. It was his passing that introduced me to akitas as I felt Cody was missing his long term companion. I wanted something of a similar size but without the drool and ended up with my long coat Nico.

Cody and Saracen

Cody and Heero
Cody is 4 and Heero is 8 weeks

Nico and Heero
Playing under the picnic table

Nico and Cody
who said males can't be friends